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We are particularly proud that we have our technology partner Onyx Solar from Spain has chosen among many candidates as the exclusieve distributor for our home country Turkey. We interpret this as an honor, not only as a customer of Onyx Solar to enjoy a high status, but also as an equivalent technology partner to have been accepted. Onyx Solar is the technology leader in building integrated Photopholtaik.Together, we are working on innovative products such as the "Walkable Floor". In our solar-powered bus stop, which creates its  required energy for cooling or heating through our transparent solar modules and the waiting area covered with our "Walkable Floor" by itself. In addition, this energy can be used

                                                              also for illumination of advertising media and indoors for USB interfaces charging electronic devices of the customer.

Also our kit for the integration of solar in furniture is worth to mentioning. Restaurants, hotels, beach clubs and in many other areas, you can make this product a practical added value for its guests. But even in urban areas like parks or recreation centers, our product is a supplement for the added value of such facilities. Due to the variety of available Glasses, we can also ensure a vandalism safe use. Resourceful furniture manufacturers use our products to prove own inovation force.

From our semitransparent Crystalin Solarpanels we have developed a variety of product ideas. These range from shading large storefronts to small power plants on public and commercial large parking lots, to Carports in private or Hospitility area. In conjunction with our charging and storage technology, we can thereby also your fleet of electric vehicles, the vehicles of your customers with a reliable electrical service station. Our amorphous transparent thin-film modules are not only perfect for the Building Integrated Photopholtaik solution other, endless applications are possible with this innovative product. How about, for example, to provide your guests on the beach or on the pool a shady place with "perspective"? Here comes your guests and you have the circumstance to good, that is used most of the harmful UV-radiation to produce electricity!

See for yourself, the application possibilities are endless with our products. We see ourselves not only as the part that can provide you with the hardware, but we will also provide ideas and implement your ideas professionally. Also our service includes you to stand by in all matters related to energy production and energy conservation. Our experts and engineers advise and guide you in every step of your LEAD-Certification or in compliance with and implementation in the field of green building certification. At your request we can offer you or your Architects and designers our services in the field of planning and implementation. You decide how to use our services. We are ahppy to help you in any fields of design, architects services, structural engineering and construction with our long-term employees, at every stage of your project.

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