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Onyx Solar has released to the market a walkable PV floor, another innovative solution for integrating solar energy into buildings.


Thanks to the advance in our R&D&I department, this photovoltaic solution comes with the highest quality standards: It complies with the anti-slip regulation, it supports 400 kg in point load test and reaches almost the same efficiency levels than any other photovoltaic building material.

Equally important is the appealing design of this solution, offering a fantastic range of configuration possibilities in color (or combination of colors) and the chance to use a LED backlit system to enhance the aesthetic value.

This PV pavement is a really appealing product for architects as it can be integrated in any project and environment without renouncing design and aestheticism.  What’s more, it combines passive elements (avoided CO2 emissions) with active elements (power generation), greatly reducing the building’s environmental impact.

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