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As the name conveys, we deal with the development and construction of solar greenhouses. We are proud of our innovative product that generates its energy needs from the sun, wind and biomass itself. This make our greenhouse regardless of the capabilities of the power supply at the planned installation site. Heating and cooling is supplied with 100% renewable energy. An old experienced concept gets a renaissance with us; the water supply of our greenhouse concept is, where groundwater is present, guaranteed by a groundwater pump ensured with electroless Sterling Drive. Without groundwater we can ensure through rainwater harvesting, depending on rainfall, the water supply also by our electroless Sterling pump.


                      In general, we have a great attention to the use of rainwater, because this our right to resource-saving operation unserers greenhouse very relieved.

All the services you expect from a greenhouse-constructor, you will get from us also. On the top you get, produced from our innovativ glas, the energy needed to operate your greenhouse. Ecological and intelligent use of required resources are for us so self-evident, as new approaches for co-operative projects. Convince yourself on the following pages...

With the trend of glass facades in buildings, it is only logical to give that transparency and ease even an ecological character. We are in Turkey the exclusive distributor of our technology partner, Onyx Solar Group LLC with products of Building Integrated Photo-pholtaik. We are also breaking new ground in the other multiple uses of these innovative products. See for yourself ...

Our technology partners can rely on us in every respect, as a customer as well as a development partner. Only together with Tecinnova International Ltd. & Co. KG,

pk-itservices GmbH, Onyx Solar Group LLC, Sunfire GmbH and Lichtblick SE it is possible to offer you our concepts such as self-powered greenhouse.

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