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Our technology Partner


Together with our partners, we are constantly working on new innovations for you. We would like to give a brief insight into our joint work on this occasion.

Tecinnova --

analyzes, researches, designs, develops, manufactures and markets high-tech products of renewable energies. The company is part of the Energy Efficiency Export Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, contributing internationally to build a secure and cost effective energy supply, which is of central importance in climate protection.

Here Tecinnova plays a core role in the development implementation of wind energy production in our Technical greenhouse project. We have jointly developed a solution in which the wind energy can be used effectively for off-grid solutions via a special control. SPECIAL inverter rules respecting the distribution of energy from solar and wind power, the wind power while d also special Dumploads Wäremetauscher as heating energy in the greenhouse and for heating the water which is used for irrigation.

Onyx als Branchenführer

develops building-integrated photovoltaic solutions, which are used for the replacement of traditional building materials from different parts of the outside of the building, such as skylights, facades, windows, facades or roofs.

We know that the best energy is that which is not consumed. Since it is not possible but in the building to consume energy, we offer multifunctional Photopholtaik solutions that can be perfectly integrated into any type of building. The excellent characteristics of thermal and acoustic insulation, offer our sometimes even really transparent solar modules the possibility that energy to produce.

Our joint work with SeraSol has led to the conclusion that we gave our transparent solar panels, integrated as energy-generating glass for replacement of the conventional glass in the greenhouses of Sera solar. A further result of our joint work is the effective storage of energy generated during the day, which we do. At night, on the intelligent swarm software controls about own consumption or for feeding into the public grid. The intelligent swarm software is even able to provide the necessary balancing of energy performance by bringing together individual energy storage. Working in thi way, we can offer a solution to repalce your emergency generators.


As a special honor, we evaluate, that Onyx Solar has selected us as the exclusive distributor for our production land from many applicants. For us this is the biggest vote of confidence and the best recognition of our work together.

pk-itservices GmbH

engaged in now for over 20 years with the networking via the Internet, the central data management and the automation of complex buildings. In addition, now already for almost 10 years, she is engaged in the development and marketing of LED lighting. Therefore, it shows itself mainly responsible for the monitoring of energy production and consumption of the Greenhouses, the automation of the air conditioning and irrigation, as well for monitoring deer rainwater harvesting. Of course, should also not be missing in the greenhouse lighting. The challenge was our joint development of LED lighting for the plants. The result is our unique plant growth light, where we can adapt the intensity depending on planting time and also its spectrum.

What is Sunfire

We develop and market efficient energy conversion technologies. All our activities promote the use of regenerative energies.

Our products include:

  • Systems for the production of renewable synthetic fuels (e.g. methane gas, diesel or kerosene) using regenerative electricity (recycling)

  • High-temperature solid oxide fuels cells (SOFCs) for the generation of electricity and heat using a wide variety of liquid and gaseous fuels (conversion)

Flexibility, competence and reliability all characterize the work we do on our clients’ behalf. sunfire technology is the result of interaction between our Stacks, Systems and Fuel divisions, each of which also boasts its own market potential. Our Business Development division represents the bridge between our clients and those divisions.

Our aim is that clean energy is always everywhere and for everyone.

With bold ideas and passion for pure energy.

Since 1998 Lichtblick works with heart and soul for the energy transition. We are convinced that this is the task of our generation - the "pure energy generation". Today bright spot is Germany's largest independent green electricity provider for real green electricity and green gas, serving more than 1 million people with clean energy.

We have already achieved a great deal - and share with you some more steps:

We want clean energy - whether green electricity or green gas - always, everywhere and for everyone. And inefficient and inflexible nuclear and coal power plants are superfluous. The prerequisite is that renewable energy is always available - even if the wind is not blowing or times without sun. To make this possible, and energy always ready when you need it, need the many decentralized producers and energy storage, such as the solar panels on the roof or the heating in the basement, to be networked together to form an intelligent swarm. This is what makes bright spot: We call it Swarm energy.

Together with Lichtblick, our goal is the renewable energy generated by us is stored useful and also made sense when you need it. The aim is to not just "sell", but to be efficiently fed and marketed in the power grid this energy. Our special focus is on efficiently in the sense that the power supply is not overloaded at high production, or this valuable energy is lost due to an overload. Our intelligent swarm technology in combination with our large store is thus able to ensure a normalization of the electricity grid.


Join us - and become part of the "Generation Pure Energy".

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