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A Photovoltaic Parking Lot is a structure where the photovoltaic installation provides the on-site energy generation (DER) for supply the electrical car batteries.


The specific contribution of Onyx Solar is focused on two parking places, integrating photovoltaics on the roof, sloping 8 degrees to the horizontal, with a variable orientation on regard to the azimuth, depending on the specific needs of the plot for each particular customer.


Regarding customer´s instructions, not only the aesthetic sense is pursued but also the maximum possible energy output and maximum protection against adverse weather conditions such as rain and wind. Therefore, we propose an integrated lock system in the parking structure module consisting of hinged wooden panels on the outer face of the photovoltaic panels.

It was decided to go for the design of a roof with minimum inclination, capable of safely draining rainwater and at the same time versatile for any orientation, thus the location losses never exceed 8%.


Our solution consists in an outer coating anchored to the wooden structure parking module by an aluminum structure which is attached to the photovoltaic panel as a framework. The system is installed so panels can be removed from the structure under any circumstances: maintenance, replacement, new location, etc.

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