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Andre PFAB

Managing Director Head of Technology and Research

Having founded several companies and successfully managed, he has found his passion for innovative and technologically unique concepts in the field of renewable energies. As Head of Techonlogys André brings his ideas, his experience and knowledge, targeted in our customers' projects and executes them with our products and the rest of the team to the success. Also Andre is a Managing Director of Tecinnova International Ltd. and as Managing Director of pk-itservices GmbH a longtime industry insider.


Project Co-ordinator Turkey and Middle East

By creating long-term experience in the tourism sector, your willingness to travel and deep knowledge of Turkish and Middle East market, Ferah is the ideal person for this field. She also comes from the proven team of Tecinnova International Ltd. and the pk-itservices GmbH. Also there she will stay in her traditional activity, making available her experience from the international operations of these companies in to the Sera Solar LTD. STI.

Ata Kazim TONUC

General Co-Ordinator and Financial Economist

Ata has had a long and successful career in management and finance. He has the perfect conditions to take care of the financing of our projects through his insight and experience in the international financial sector. He is also internationally, but particularly in Turkey and Russia, as well as in the CAC countries a well-known and successful finance consultant who has completed many projects in the field of automation in the automotive industry, also in the sector of factory production control. We are very happy to working with him in our team for quite some time. Ata is all of us well-known from joining Tecinnova International Ltd. and Apecgroup well known.

Tatiana Zinoveva

Project Co-Ordinator Russia and CAC-Countries

Tanja is a well established team member of Tecinnova International Ltd. After your successful completion of medical studies Tanya worked for several years in the research of pregnancy accompanying enter medicine. She worked in the coordination and marketing for large European pharmaceutical companies such as Berlin Chemie and Bionorica in the North-West region of Russia. By creating long-term experience in this field and her deep end levels of the Russian and the CAC-market we happy she choose also our SeraSol


Reiner MACK

Member of the Management

As CEO of Onyx Germany GmbH Reiner can draw on a wealth of experience in building integrated Photopholtaik. This makes him also in the Sera Solar LTD. STI. a valuable member of management. Also through his many years of service at the WMG-Services GmbH as managing director, he can look back on a successful project business. Both activities Reiner continues.


Member of the Management

Bernd is also a founding member of the Sera Solar LTD. STI. also managing director of FWT Trade GmbH, FWT Production GmbH, FWT GmbH and sole shareholder of FWT energy GmbH & Co. KG. Many years of experience in the industry, combined with the fresh ideas of a young Wind pioneer, distinguished by its work in the management of FWT & SeraSol. He has made it his mission to provide innovative economically convincing solutions, the best service, high quality products to our customers.

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Über  uns


Wer wir sind
Wir sind ein junges innovatives Unternehmen, das aus eienem erfahrenen Magement aus verschiedenen alt eingesessenen Technologie-Unternehmen hier in der Trükei gegründet wurde.

Warum Türkei
Die Türkei liegt in einer nicht nur kulturel sehr reichen Gebiet auf unserer Erde, sondern auch klimatisch ideal. Ausserdem liegt sie am Schnittpunkt zwischen Europa und Asien und vereint dabei Abend- und Morgenländische Werte. Aus logistischer Sicht können wir uns auch keinen besseren Platz vorstellen. Mit unserer Innovationskraft, der qualitativen Wertschöpfung aus unsern  Urprungsfirmen Tecinnova, pk-itservices, Onyx Deutschland und der FWT-Energy und der kreativität unserer neuen Heimat, sind wir weltweit hervorragend aufgestellt.

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